Saturday, December 1, 2012

NaNoRevMo Wrap Up

We survived!!!!!! This month I edited 70,000+ words and entirely rewrote 16,677 of those. (A very NaNoWriMo number for those of you die-hards...) Added: And I'm not done yet! I'll be RevMoing til we die.

To get me through, I had laptop parties with Krispy:

photo from Krispy's instagram

Heated fisticuffs Gentle discussions with Alz about plot, and of course boba:

This last week my butt didn't leave my chair as I got my students through their deadlines as well. I was either editing my own work or someone else's. There's a stack of microwave dinner boxes and a very patient roommate who hasn't complained about my increasing piles of crap in the living room.

I ended with a high-octane zumba class so I could work off the extra ass I grew in the last 30 days. (If an extra ass is what's needed to be published, I'll grow 8 of them.)

How did you all fare? More importantly - how are you celebrating??

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  1. I got a couple extra asses too! Haha. But yes, if it she price we must pay...


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