Sunday, November 4, 2012


My NaNoRevMo post was going to go up on Friday but something traumatic happened.

I woke up to police tape cordoning off the driveways and cars.  There was a bullet-riddled car outside and blood splattering the sidewalk.  A neighbor's friends were involved in a gang shooting and someone died out on the street that night before.

I've chosen not to post a photo of this, but I can't get the images out of my head.  I see the bloody sneakers and pile of clothes and I do not have a strong stomach.

I am not returning to that house where this took place and am safe where I am living right now; I'm just shaken.  I've tried to continue life as usual, working and talking to friends.  Revising my novel has been a big help.  I've been crying a bit and my jaw hurts when I wake in the morning, but I know that will pass.

I just needed to clear this; thanks for listening and thank you to my Facebook friends who've given their emotional support.

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  1. Oh wow Sophia...sorry about this! Hopefully you are around supportive friends and family! Praying for you!


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