Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Book Crush of the Month: Taycob, Duh

November's Twilight Book Crush Of the Month is obvious:

Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black
or as TwiHards know him: Taycob

For the 100th time, I'm a diehard Team Jacob acolyte.  (And for you Edward freaks, can we say New Moon Nipple?  WTF?)

Earlier this month I took some gals from the Los Angeles Twilight Lovers Group to the Taylor Lautner taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I wore this T-shirt with this Breaking Dawn hoodie I bought just for the event.

I even got a copy of the Cullen wedding invitation with my purchase.  It looks like something I printed up at Kinko's.

Key takeaway: Taylor Lautner is the most fan-friendly walking piece of hawtness ever.

During commercial breaks, he looked out into the audience and if you waved at him, he waved back while flashing this grin that zaps you, melting, into a pool of light.  I had, like, a religious experience when he looked at me.

Even Martha Stewart, the second guest, was not immune to Taycob's inhumanly white smile, asking him if he had a girlfriend.

photo source
Back off, Martha, I will cut you.  Video of that episode is here on NBC.

The leader of our fearless Twi group, Sharon Macross, took off from work, slept in her car, and camped for days in downtown L.A. for the Breaking Dawn premiere in order to snag these exclusive red carpet photos:

following 3 photos belong to Sharon Macross

the Adonis faces the press
Thank you beloved leader for allowing me to share these with my readers, who I'm sure are now all Team Taycob.  RIGHT?


  1. Pictures can't do him justice. I'm not Taycob fan but after seeing him up close and personal, I can definitely see the draw.

  2. The coolest thing about our leader is that she's a Team Edwardian who supports the Team Jacobians. We kind of sound like a cult now.

  3. Taylor Lautner is certainly good-looking. But Jacob? Meh. To be honest, I'm neither team Jacob nor team Edward. It's kind of tough to choose between a neanderthal and a stalker. I left the game altogether to join team Ian from The Host. Sorry! Ha!

  4. What a fun post, Sophia! :) I'm Team Charlie, but I fully support your absession. (Get it? AB-session? Heh...heh...)

  5. Oh you fangirl! :) Well, I'm certainly not surprised. Glad you had fun and that he was swoonworthy!

  6. Fortunately my hubby has abs like Taylor. Le Sigh. :D

    And LOL to Stephanie's comments. I just spewed Dr Diet Pepper on the computer screen after reading them.

  7. Okay, I DO see the Taycob hotness, but still a Edward team member... But I love our fearless leader for the pics, especially the Edward one... ;0)

  8. OMG, that is such a cute picture of you. And I guess Taylor looks pretty good too...:P

  9. My best friend is a huge Team Jacob fan and every time we end up watching the movies, she has the shirtless scenes timed down to the second (just so she'd sure to be in the room watching). Cracks me up :)

  10. Taycob? Well, now I'm in the know. Jacob is better than Edward in my opinion, but still Damon beats them both in the land of supernatural hawties. :)

  11. Wow! How amazing to go to Jay Leno and see Taylor. I'm Team Jacob myself. I'm finally seeing Breaking Dawn on Thursday.

  12. Love that you have the sweatshirt! He is so handsome!!

  13. Hahahaha love this post! Thanks for the hawt tip. :)


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