Monday, March 28, 2011

Karaoke in Ktown

Krispy and Sophia
I finally busted out of my suburban discontent this weekend!

Krispy from A Nudge in the Right Direction invited me to her bff's K-town birthday extravaganza.  I finally have photographic proof that bloggers are real people you can eat Korean food with (IN REAL LIFE).  Who also sing "I'm On a Boat"* at karaoke.  Creepily well too.

Due to nsfw language, I've refrained from posting incriminating videos of both Krispy on that boat and what I like to call "White Guy 'Rapping' Inappropriate Lyrics," but I do have a paparazzi shot of Krispy singing Destiny's Child:

Style AND singing chops, hurry up boys and put a ring on it
Today I'll be spending the afternoon at the mall with Alz using up both my Borders 40% coupons and eating at the food court.  No Hot Dog on a Stick please.

* parental warning: poorly-bleeped expletives


  1. Ahhh, karaoke. None for me, but definitely Rock Band 3 with friends last weekend. And I may or may not have been filmed for future evidence singing my heart out to Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughtta Know." Complete with the expletives the game left out.


  2. Ok, I am SO jealous. I don't sing, but I do love watching other people! And it looks like you guys had a fantastic time :)

  3. If only I had read this prior to our meeting I would have suggested, bright-eyed and innocently, we get Hot Dog on a Stick. (They do have excellent fries.)

  4. LOL. You are sneaky! When did you take that picture?! Did I sing Destiny's Child?! I forget. Too many songs!

    Let's make another date soon, yes? :D

  5. Sorry to be a blog creep. I'm Krispy's little sister and this comment is directed at Krispy. YOU GUYS SANG IM ON A BOAT? HMMM TRYING TO KEEP THIS HIDDEN FROM ME!?!?! Unacceptable.


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